Java Breeds

Borzoi v2 (by Brittany)

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever v2 (by Brittany)
* does not breed true w/ version 1

Old Breeds (pre-2010)

These breeds were all hexed to be shown at an ideal weight of 75. Don't ask me why lol.

Breeds with an asterisk (*) are not PKC accepted.

Click the X to see a picture of the breed.

Brittany's breeds (CS)
Azawakh (x)
Azawakh v2 (x)
Bedlington Terrier (x)
Bluetick Coonhound (x)
Borzoi (x)
Briard (x)
Brittany (x)
Cane Corso (x)
Central Asian Ovtcharka (x)
Chartreux (x) (catz)
Clumber Spaniel (x)
Doberman (x)
Doberman v2 (x)
Dogue de Bordeaux (x)
English Pointer (x)
English Setter (x)
Finnish Reindeer Herder (x)
Galgo Espaņol (x)
German Longhaired Pointer (x)
German Shorthaired Pointer (x)
German Wirehaired Pointer (x)
Gordon Setter (x)
Greyhound v2 (x)
Greyhound v3 (x)
Ibizan Hound v2 (x)
Ibizan Hound v3 (x) *
Ibizan Hound v4 (x)
Irish Red and White Setter (x)
Irish Setter (x)
Irish Wolfhound (x)
Italian Greyhound (x)
Labrador Retriever (x)
Neapolitan Mastiff (x)
Norwegian Elkhound (x)
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever v1 (x)
Otterhound (x)
Pharaoh Hound (x)
Polish Lowland Sheepdog (x)
Redbone Coonhound (x)
Scottish Deerhound (x)
Spanish Mastiff (x)
Spinone Italiano (x)
Tosa Inu (x)
Weimaraner (x)
Whippet v1 (x)
Whippet v2 (x)
Vizsla (x)

Emily's Breeds (CA)

American Cocker Spaniel (x)
American Staffordshire Terrier (x)
Basset Hound (x)
Bull Terrier (x)
Great Dane v1 (x)
Great Dane v2 (x) *
Manchester Terrier (x)
Rat Terrier (x)

Java Breeds (Java) - joint breeds between Brittany and Emily

Belgian Groenendael (x)
Belgian Laekenois (x)
Belgian Malinois (x)
Belgian Tervuren (x)
German Shepherd (x)